Greg Ogden
(520) 621-4422
Research Associate Professor

Research Area
•    Sustainability
•    Process Control
•    Green Propellants
•    Renewable Fuels

Curriculum Vitae

Educational Qualifications
•    B.S., Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, 1986
•    M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, 1988
•    Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (EE Minor), University of Arizona, 2002

Greg Ogden is a Registered Professional Engineer (Chemical) in Arizona and Washington.  Dr. Ogden manages the department’s undergraduate experimental laboratories, mentors capstone engineering design teams and owns a technology development company focused on green propellants and renewable fuels.

Dr. Ogden is currently the process control/process design engineer for the ARID raceway where he is responsible for upgrading data acquisition and control system for two operating ARID raceways at the University of Arizona.  Activities include design, construct and install relay control and communication system, revamp DAQ program and integrate additional sensor input and control output features into system to allow for more routine operations and direct user input.

Dr. Ogden recently oversaw the installation of a closed-loop chilled water recirculation system in the Undergraduate Unit Operations Laboratory funded through the UA Green Fund and alumni donations.  The ultimate goal of the project was to reduce the lab’s overall water consumption by approximately 200,000 gallons per year and power consumption by over 600 kWh/year.  These energy and resource savings will reduce the college’s environmental footprint.  In addition, this project provided unique opportunities for two undergraduate chemical engineers to install and test a full-scale system, thereby strengthening their engineering, design and communication skills.

•    1994 Marx Isaacs Award for Outstanding Newsletter-Rocky Mountain Section AIChE

Selected Publications
Kozliak,E., Mota,R., Rodriguez, D., Overby, P., Kubátová, A., Stahl, D., Niri, V., Ogden, G., and Seames, W., (2013). “Non-catalytic cracking of jojoba oil to produce fuel and chemical by-products”, Industrial Crops and Products, 43: 386– 392.

James E. Smith, Gregory E. Ogden, Clinton J. Brown, Paul M. Frisby, and Sahar A. Torabzadeh, Hydroxyethylhydrazinium Nitrate-Acetone Formulations and Methods of Making Hydroxyethylhydrazinium Nitrate-Acetone Formulations, U.S. Utility Patent Application, Serial No. 12/798,787. Filed April 9, 2010.

Ogden, K.L., Ogden, G.E., Hanners, J.L. and Unkefer, P.J., "Remediation of Mixed Waste: Cellulose and Plutonium." J. Haz. Mat., 51, 115-130. 1996.

Ogden G.E. (Compiled by) Engineering 102: The Freshman Design Experience, Pearson Custom Publishing (2009).


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