Farhang Shadman
Farhang Shadman
Regents Professor

Research Area
•    Environmental aspects of nano-scale manufacturing
•    Safe application and abatement of nano-materials
•    Green semiconductor processing
•    Water purification, reclaim, and recycle
•    Ultra-purification of fluids

Curriculum Vitae

Educational Qualifications
•    Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of California in Berkeley, 1972

The current research focus is on study of surface contamination during semiconductor processing using both novel experimental methods and process modeling.  This includes investigation of the environmental aspects of semiconductor manufacturing and safe application of nanomaterials, particularly nano-particles.  Another focus area is contamination control in semiconductor processing plants as well as the development and application of novel sensors and new trace analysis methods for ultra clean systems.

•    Innovation Award, sponsored by Semiconductor International, SEMICO (July 2009)
•    Regents Professor, appointment by the Arizona Board of Regents (since June 2005)
•    Akira Inoue Award, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (Dec 2002)
•    Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineering (2002)
•    Landmark Innovation Award, Semiconductor Research Corporation (October 2000)
•    Excellence in Research Award, SRC/Sematech/SIA (April 1998)
•    Invention Award, SRC/SEMATECH (April 1994)
•    Excellence in Research Award, SRC/S¬EMATECH  (June 1992)
•    Invention Award, SRC/SEMATECH (March 1992)
•    Cahn Innovation Award, Cahn Instruments Company, for "significant contributions in the field of high temperature adsorbents technology," 1989
•    Excellence in Research Award, Ministry of Higher Education, Iran, 1975

Selected Publications
Zamani, D., Dhane, K., Mahdavi, O., McBride, M., Yan, J., and Shadman, F.  “Surface Cleaning of Small Structures during Spin Rinsing of Patterned Substrates” accepted for publication in Microelectronics Engineering Journal (2012).

Hao Wang, H. and Shadman, F. “Effect of Particle Size on the Adsorption and Desorption Properties of Oxide Nanoparticles” accepted for publication,  AIChE Journal (2012).
•    Rottman, J., Platt, L., Sierra-Alvarez R, Shadman F. 2013. Removal of TiO2 nanoparticles by porous media: effect of filtration media and water chemistry. Chem. Eng. Journal, 217(1), 212-220 (2013).

Rottman, J., Sierra-Alvarez, R., Shadman, F. “Real-time Monitoring of Nanoparticle Retention in Porous Media” Environ. Chem. Letters, DOI 10.1007/s10311-012-0381-3 (2012)

Rottman, J., Sierra-Alvarez, R., and Shadman, F, “Interactions of Inorganic Oxides Nanoparticles with Sewage Biosolids” Water Science and Technology 66 (9), 1821-1827 (2012).

Shadman, F.  “Environmental Challenges and Opportunities in Nanoelectronics Manufacturing”, Current Opinions in Chemical Engineering, 1(3), 258-268 (2012).

Zamani D., Keswani M., Mahdavi O., Yan J., Raghavan S.,  Shadman, F. “Dynamics of Interactions between HF and Hafnium Oxide during Surface Preparation of High-K Dielectrics”,  IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 25(3), 2012.

Field, J.A., Luna-Velasco, A., Boitano, S. A., Shadman, F., Ratner, B.D., Barnes, C., and Sierra-Alvarez, R., "Cytotoxicity and Physicochemical Properties of Hafnium Oxide Nanoparticles," Chemosphere 84, 1401(2011).

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Dhane, K., Han, J.,  Yan, J., Mahdavi, O., Zamani, D., Vermeir B., and Shadman F., “Dynamics of Cleaning and Rinsing of Micro and Nano Structures in Single-Wafer Cleaning Tools,"  IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 24(1), 125 (2011).

Yao J., Wang, H., Dittler, R., Geisert, C., and Shadman, F., “Application of Pressure-Cycle Purge in Dry-down of Ultra-High-Purity Gas Distribution Systems,” Chemical Engineering Science. 65, 5041 (2010).

Zhang X., Yan J., Vermeire B., Shadman F., and Chae J., “Passive wireless monitoring of wafer cleanliness during rinsing of semiconductor wafers,” IEEE Sensors Journal, 10 (6), 1048 (2010).

Juneja H., Yao H. J., Iqbal, A., and Shadman, F. “Effect of Sampling Line Characteristics on the Dynamic Monitoring of Fluid Concentration”,  I&EC Research, 48(11),  2009.

Yan J. , Dhane, K., Vermeire, B., and Shadman, F. “In-Situ and Real-Time Metrology during Rinsing of Micro- and Nano-Structures,” Microelectronics Engineering, 86 (2), 199-205 (2009).


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